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About Art of Life Records, LLC

Created in October of 2000, Art of Life Records, LLC specializes in releasing new modern Jazz recordings as well as reissuing long lost out-of-print recordings. To date we have released fifty four Compact Disc and DVD recordings in addition to forty two Digital Download only recordings.

Art of Life Records was created with the purpose of providing recording artists with the opportunity to create and record their music as they see fit without any undue pressures placed upon them via the typical major record label approach. Our goal is two-fold. Firstly, it's absolutely imperative that the recording artist have complete control over their musical output and be 100% satisfied with the final released product. To this end, we work with each and every artist on every detail of their release from the production, recording, audio mastering and graphic design of their album artwork to ensure that the music they've worked so hard to create remains intact and is preserved throughout the production and final release process. Our second objective is to provide our customers with the highest possible quality product that we can produce and to make this music easily available to anyone interested in our artists' musical output.

We are always looking for recording artists who would like to work with us to have their music released on our record label and invite any recording artists to submit to us a copy of any recordings they would like us to consider for possible release. Please feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact page for more information on submitting your music to us for consideration.

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