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Art of Life Records Recording Artists Homepages

Please click on the links below to visit our recording artists homepages to learn more about them and to find out when and where they will be performing. Our artists are located worldwide and can often be found performing at major music festivals throughout the world in addition to smaller local club venues.

Guitarist Stephen D. Anderson

Pianist Gordon Beck

Pianist Steve Blanco

Guitarist Lenny Breau

Saxophonist / Composer Michael Brecker

Saxophonist Håkan Broström

Pianist Joey Calderazzo

Bassist Chris Colangelo

Tenor Saxophonist Stefano Deagatone

Vocalist / Composer Maryanne de Prophetis

Saxophonist / Flautist Denis DiBlasio

Pianist Alessandro Di Liberto

Pedal Steel Guitarist Buddy Emmons

Pianist Ari Erev

Pianist Bill Evans

Guitarist Carl Filipiak

Guitarist Ted Greene

Pianist / Composer Don Grolnick

Saxophonist Tubby Hayes

Guitarist Allan Holdsworth

Guitarist Tsuyoshi Ichikawa

Guitarist Sid Jacobs

Saxophonist Norman King

Bassist Paul Klinefelter

Vocalist Liza Lee

Keyboardist / Composer Peter Lemer

Drummer / Composer Andrea Marcelli

Bassist / Composer Evan Marien

Pianist Phil Markowitz

Saxophonist / Arranger / Composer Bob Mintzer

Norrbotten Big Band

Saxophonist Ryan Oliver

Bassist Daniel Ori

Guitarist Jake Reichbart

Pianist Nick Rixen

Pianist Bob Rodriguez

Guitarist Randy Runyon

Guitarist / Composer Shubh Saran

Guitarist Scott Sherwood

Guitarist Stan Smith

Drummer John Stevens

Pianist / Composer Ron Thomas

Bassist Danny Thompson

Guitarist Jimi Tunnell

Guitarist Jay Umble

Saxophonist Chris Vadala

Bassist / Composer Francesco Valente

Guitarist Johnnie Valentino

Guitarist Barry Wedgle

Guitarist Rick Whitehead

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