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Lenny Breau & Brad Terry: “The Complete Living Room Tapes”

(Art of Life AL1004-2)

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Lenny Breau & Brad Terry: "The Complete Living Room Tapes"

Lenny Breau: acoustic & electric guitar, vocals
Brad Terry: clarinet, whistling

Two CD Set $24.99

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Disc One

Blues For Carole

How High The Moon
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

You Needed Me

The Claw
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Secret Love

Sweet Georgia Brown
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

My Foolish Heart

I Fall In Love Too Easily
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Send In The Clowns

Nine Pound Hammer
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Cannonball Rag

(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

It Could Happen To You

Disc Two

(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Remembering The Rain

Autumn Leaves
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)


Stella By Starlight
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)


My Funny Valentine
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Autumn Leaves *

Johnny Cash Sings Jazz? *

Lenny's Radio *

* Bonus Track - Previously Unreleased.

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About the Music {top}

Originally released as "The Living Room Tapes - Volume 1" & "The Living Room Tapes - Volume 2", this two CD set brings together, for the first time, both volumes of "The Living Room Tapes" in one package, in addition to over 30 minutes of previously unreleased material. All tracks have been digitally re-mastered. The total playing time of both CD's combined is almost two-and-a-half hours long. This two CD set contains 23 songs including 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks. The music contained on this two-disc set is some of the best Lenny Breau ever recorded. This is a rare opportunity to hear Lenny play music by Merle Travis, Jerry Reed, Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, and many well-known Jazz Standards. Lenny also performs many solo pieces in addition to the duo material with clarinetist Brad Terry. Two of the bonus tracks reveal the humorous side of Lenny's personality and are sure to put a smile on your face.

Liner Notes {top}

The original tapes for this album had been languishing on a shelf for several years; in fact, ever since I saw Lenny Breau. I would play them once in awhile for friends, who, upon listening to them, would say: "You should do something with this stuff." On a number of occasions Lenny came to stay with us in our ramshackle farm house in Maine. From the first time we played together, at the August Jazz Society, we felt a magic quality about our communication and a mutual respect for each other. October 1978 marks the first time we played together as a duo. It was a very informal gathering in my mother's living room with the tape running. We laughed and amused ourselves by making all this new material sound rehearsed. Subsequent visits produced some more taping at home and a few recordings of intimate concerts in the local area. In every instance, Lenny was in top form due to relaxed, country living. At the end of each session, we'd agree that "we should do something with this stuff." Then Lenny would be off to Boston to teach a master class at Berklee; or to Nashville, to record an album with Chet Atkins or Buddy Emmons; or to Los Angeles, to write another article for Guitar Player Magazine. I would play and savor the tapes in anticipation of Lenny's next trip to Maine. At the end of his last visit, we talked in more depth about "doing something with the tapes." My wife and I discussed with Lenny various ways to produce and promote an album. Not until I heard about Lenny's tragic death did the finality of his last statement to us, concerning the tapes, hit home. He said, "The tapes are yours: Do something with them." The duo pieces present a rare side of Lenny as a master accompanist. His effortless combining of bass lines and comping figures provides a full rhythm section. His ample use of space prevents him from getting in the way. The constant interplay brings out Lenny's sense of humor - I can clearly remember his impish grin. The solo pieces range from an outrageous version of "The Claw", to a no-holds barred "You Needed Me", to a wistful and poignant vocal of "My Foolish Heart." All of these tracks were recorded live, and are here, "as is." There were no rehearsals and no second chances. The flaws have not been covered up with electronics. I feel that the energy and just plain fun involved in our playing more than compensates. The original issue of both volumes of "The Living Room Tapes" were sold out. In this re-issue, two previously unreleased tunes have been added along with the original spoken "introductions" to some of the other existing tracks. There are also some hilarious moments from the actual "living room recordings" that, until now, have only been heard by family and a few friends.

Brad Terry

Selected Quotations {top}

I had to get past Brad Terry's playing to listen to Breau. He comes as a total surprise. I had in my head an unformulated image of some local semi-amateur musician whom Lenny probably indulged out of kindness, and perhaps too because his home offered Lenny a retreat, a place to hide from troubles. Wrong. Brad Terry is a wonderfully warm, fluid, responsive, inventive player, far and away the most attractive clarinetist I have heard in years.
Gene Lees - Jazzletter

Brad Terry is my favorite kind of musician: One who explores music - guided by a childlike curiosity and enthusiasm.
Roger Kellaway

Brad Terry is such a happy sounding player.... and whistler; remarkable, really inventive. It's infectious.
Jim Hall

Brad is one of the well-hidden clarinet secrets of our time.
Doug Ramsey - Jazz Times

I've heard this album. It's the best Lenny Breau ever recorded.
Chet Atkins

A guitarist in the truest sense, The Complete Living Room Tapes reflects Lenny Breau's unqualified understanding of the range and dynamics of his instrument.
Elliott Simon - All About Jazz New York

... the overall stellar playing on The Complete Living Room Tapes, is arguably the best of Lenny Breau's several posthumously released recordings and among the finest of his career.
Ron Forbes-Roberts - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

This double CD is just a pure musical gem, we feel like both musicians are in the room while we listen to them, brilliant! And the playing from both is superb.
Jean T.

... this is an excellent compilation. The sound quality is excellent. You hear Lenny at his best, and Brad Terry is a wonderful musician. I owned the cassette version of these recordings for many years, but they were destroyed in an accident, and I've been hoping that they would be released on CD. Thanks!
Greg L.

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