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Phil Markowitz: “Taxi Ride”

Phil Markowitz: "Taxi Ride"

Phil Markowitz: piano
Roy Cumming: bass
Glenn Davis: drums
Eugene Friesen: cello
Davia Sacks: vocals
Toots Thielemans: harmonica

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About the Music

It's a late night in New York and you're cruising up Tenth Avenue after a late night gig. The neighborhoods change from block to block. This is the imagery that is the inspiration for the title tune for this record. As a longtime NYC resident I am simultaneously enamored and overwhelmed by the energy and kineticism of this great city. Having played all the legendary clubs (Village Vanguard, Sweet Basil, The Blue Note etc...), and having had associations with Jazz greats whom I have met in this Metropolis, I realize that it is a challenge and privilege to be part of this special scene. As I travel throughout the world, it is evident that there is and can only be one New York, with it's rich multi-ethnic history and musical heritage. I am very grateful for the four year association with Glenn Davis and Roy Cumming, whose contributions to this recording and the trio are extraordinary. Glenn's sense of time, his textural sensitivity and Roy's great sense of space and rich dark sound contribute enormously to the musical palettes that we are able to create. It was also a great pleasure to be able to reunite withh my old friend and Jazz legend Toots Thielemans for two tunes on this recording. Toot's mastery and dedication to the music is inspiring to witness. Also contributing brilliantly to "Elegy", my wife, vocalist Davia Sacks and longtime friend cellist Eugene Friesen. This recording covers alot of ground musically from "in" to "out" and back and I'm really glad that you're along for the ride. Peace.

Phil Markowitz - NYC January 1998

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