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Ted Greene: “Solo Guitar”

(Art of Life AL1011-2)

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In honor and memory of Ted Greene, Art of Life Records invites you to celebrate Ted Greene's life by helping others in need. P.A.T.H., People Assisting The Homeless, is a cause that Ted was involved in and felt deeply about. P.A.T.H. is a hands-on, Los Angeles based program that serves over 1,800 people each month. Please visit them at to learn more about them.

Ted Greene: "Solo Guitar"

Ted Greene: solo electric guitar

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Watch What Happens
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Summertime / It Ain't Necessarily So (Medley)
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Send In The Clowns
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Ol' Man River
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

They Can't Take That Away From Me
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Just Friends
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

A Certain Smile
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

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About the Music {top}

Originally released in 1977 on PMP Records and now available on CD for the first time ever! Digitally remastered for compact disc from the original analog master tapes by John Strother at Penguin Recording in Los Angeles, California and supervised by Ted Greene himself. Includes the original album cover artwork and liner notes from both pressings of the original LP release. Ted is also the author of several excellent books on the subject of guitar chords, "Chord Chemistry", and chord progressions, "Modern Chord Progressions", as well as Jazz guitar soloing, "Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing, Volume 1 & 2". This is the only recording Ted Greene has ever released as a leader; a true solo guitar masterpiece in every sense of the word. Many people all over the world have been anxiously awaiting the CD reissue of Ted's "Solo Guitar" album. Art of Life Records is proud to make this long out-of-print recording available to the world once again.

Liner Notes {top}

This album was recorded in two separate recording sessions. The only performer is Ted Greene, and no "over dubbing" (multiple track recording) was done. (Although we did take advantage of modern recording techniques to reduce unwanted guitar and amplifier noise, we did not record this album with any of the popular "noise reduction systems" currently in use. We did not wish to risk "coloring" Ted's guitar sound.) Each song is recorded as Ted might perform it "live".

The rotary phasing effect is the result of simultaneously recording the guitar through "the board", and through a small Leslie rotating speaker.

We are very pleased to have collaborated with Ted on the creation of this album, and to make it available to all of his friends and admirers (who have waited so long), and we are looking forward to future efforts with Ted.

William Perry

Liner notes as they appeared on the original LP.

Selected Quotations {top}

Ted Greene has the deepest ears that music can flow through. He is totally in touch with the potential of harmonic constructions. On this record he defies the technical physics of Jazz melody chord voicings but creates an organic and inspired listening delight. A must for anyone who puts their fingers on an instrument with strings.
Steve Vai - Guitarist

Ted Greene's legendary "Solo Guitar" album, first released on LP in 1977, has been an inspiration to fingerstyle Jazz guitarists for over a quarter century. By the recent release of this album on compact disc, Art of Life Records has added to its already impressive catalog of Jazz guitar music. The nine songs on the album are all perfectly realized gems of tasteful and inspired Jazz guitar playing, so beautiful and fresh sounding even after all these years. There's a feeling of perfect proportion, characteristic of much great art and music. A full spectrum of emotion and harmonic vision is expressed, in a very inviting and rewarding manner.
Josh Gordon - Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

...Greene managed to raise the bar for solo guitar, combining the techniques of Joe Pass, George Van Eps and Lenny Breau for what seemed like physically impossible feats of music-making. Fretting a Fender Telecaster, shimmering chords, bass lines and melodies fly every which way in covers of eight standards.
Steven Rosenberg - Los Angeles Daily Newspaper

I have been listening to this album by my dear friend Ted Greene since it first came out in 1977. I still, to this day, hear and learn something new every time I hear it. It is very beautiful and soulful music, as well as an encyclopedia of chord voicings, substitutions, modulations, harmonics and more. The deep soul of Ted?s music is in his use of chords. I am inspired, nourished and educated on every listening. It is very wonderful to have it available again, thanks to Paul G. Kohler at Art of Life Records and Ted.
George Winston - Pianist

Chances are that most Jazz fans may not have heard of Jazz guitarist Ted Greene, though it is not for his lack of abilities. One of a handful of players able to command attention during an album's worth of unaccompanied performances, Greene evidently has not pursued many recording opportunities following this 1977 debut, which was first issued by the PMP label. Like Joe Pass, Bucky Pizzarelli, Martin Taylor, and a few other guitar masters, Greene is adept enough to accompany himself by playing a melodic line and supporting rhythm, such that novices will think they are listening to two guitarists. Most of this session is devoted to standards like "Ol' Man River," "Just Friends," and a medley of "Summertime" and "It Ain't Necessarily So," all played with finesse and imagination. He avoids the hackneyed approach to songs of more recent vintage, such as "Send in the Clowns" and "Watch What Happens," by utilizing creative voicings. This session was finally reissued in 2004 by Art of Life Records, and it is a mystery as to why Ted Greene hasn't been heard from since the recording was originally made. He is long overdue to make a follow-up. Highly recommended.
Ken Dryden - All Music Guide

A very well respected guitarist and music educator who occasionally plays Sunday brunches at Spazio's, Ted Greene has long been considered an underground legend. It seems strange that thus far he has only recorded one album as a leader. Greene performs a set of standards as unaccompanied electric guitar solos. Sometimes his chord voicings and one-man orchestra approach recalls the late George Van Eps although his sound and style differ a bit. Greene always keeps the melody in mind during tasteful renditions of such pieces as "Danny Boy," "They Can't Take That Away From Me," "Just Friends" and a medley of "Summertime" and "It Ain't Necessarily So" while occasionally showing glimpses of his virtuosity. Solo Guitar is recommended. But when will volume two finally be recorded?
Scott Yanow

I cannot express enough to you the joy I feel listening to the recent CD reissue of Ted Greene's-"Solo Guitar". A huge Lenny Breau fan, I hear an occasional 'homage to' or 'influence' in Ted's playing, and the CD is masterfuly re-mastered. Great job, you guys!
John H. - USA

I would just like to thank you for releasing the wonderful "Solo Guitar" album by Ted Greene. It moves me that it's finally out on CD after 27 years. It's about time someone gets this masterpiece out there. You are now a part of guitar history. Thank you again for this great gift to the world. I wish more people would be like you.
Lale L. - Sweden

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