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Alessandro Di Liberto Quartet: “Four Jazz Suites”

Alessandro Di Liberto Quartet: "Four Jazz Suites"

Alessandro Di Liberto: piano
Nicola Cossu: double bass
Rosario Giuliani: alto and soprano saxophone
Daniele Russo: drums

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About the Music

All compositions by Alessandro Di Liberto except: "Un Tempo Piccolo" by Gaudino/Laurenti/Califano.
Recorded October 5th and November 14th, 2014 at
Auditorium del Conservatorio di Cagliari, P. L. Da Palestrina in Italy.
Recording Engineer: Raffaele Pilia
Mixing & Mastering: Marti Jane Robertson
Graphic Design: Valentina Granata

Liner Notes

This album tells the story of a musical introspective journey that I've been having in the last two years and tried to reflect in my new compositions. I've always been concerned in finding a balance between written parts and improvised episodes. This time I tried putting more weight on improvisation since my aim was to achieve a result of high spontaneity. So, first we worked on the music with the trio (me, Nicola and Daniele) and we tried different approaches until we found a good musical balance among us. Only then I asked Rosario to join us for the recording. He's one of my favourite alto players of all time, his approach combines strength, technique and also a high percentage of lyricism which is essential to my music. His playing gives a beautiful colour and an extra touch to my compositions. The music here is presented in the form of a Jazz suite, the pieces are merged in groups of three and the listener can find a solo interlude by each of the musicians in every suite. Every suite contributes to add its meaning to the whole story.

Special thanks to: Conservatorio di Cagliari, my parents Anna e Paolo, Antonio Gaudino, Marcello Contu, the musicians and all people who worked to make this album possible.

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