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Bob Rodriguez: “Reinventions”

Bob Rodriguez: "Reinventions"

Bob Rodriguez: piano
Cathy Campbell: piano on tracks 5 & 11

About the Music

Produced by Bob Rodriguez
Recorded at Hillside Sound Studio in Englewood, New Jersey on November 18th & 19th, 1998.
Recorded & Edited by Dave Kowalski

Liner Notes

Whenever a Jazz pianist plays a standard there are some unique challenges: how to make the tune his or her own without changing it for the sake of changing it or transforming it beyond recognition. A second challenge is: to find something worth saying within the confines of a popular song and put a fresh imprint on it. The listener is the final judge whether or not the challenges have been met. This recording uses many altered chords which is a part of my musical vocabulary in writing original music or reharmonizing standards.
- Bob Rodriguez

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